About Us

About Us

To cater to the growing demand of the wellness industry & understanding the appreciation of the spa as an industry R3 Naturals was established in 2001 as a one stop solution for Consulting/training/operating Spa’s/health clubs/recreation centers. R3 Naturals provide exceptional expertise in providing customized solutions for management and development of spas & wellness centers under multiple brands.

Being the pioneer in the wellness industry R3 Naturals is the only company in the sector, which is successfully managing over 36 spas currently and has an in exhaustive list of the associates; our expanse covers day spas, 5- star hotel spas, resort spas, farm house spas, club management etc. R3 Spa Management is highly recognized in the spa, wellness and the hospitality sector. We are also managing 2 Spa Training Academies in India and have conceptualized over 100 Spas across the globe.

Why Hire US ?

Whether you employ professional guidance, or do it on your own, structuring your approach to spa development can save you a bundle of time and money in the long run.

With the current boom in the spa industry, competition on the street has become intense. It is mandatory to match or exceed the standards already set by other spas in the city; it becomes ever more important to engage the services of experienced professionals. Specialized guidance and knowledge can make the difference between “just another spa” and “THE SPA”.

Behind every winning spa is a combination of vision, determination and intelligence. R3 Naturals can help you align your business strategies with your guests’ expectations to create a business that stands out.

Spas have become a huge attraction across the world and are a profitable investment. We provide an array of services from conceptualization, placement, to the management of the same.

R3 Naturals offers their expertise and assistance to set up the Spa with therapies and hospitality services interfaced in a seamless manner in three phases (in whole or part thereof) as follows-

  • Phase 1- Consultation from Pr-Opening to launch Stage
  • Phase 2- Manpower Planning & Training
  • Phase 3- Operations & On Going Support

Spa consumers are becoming more discerning about how they spend their discretionary time and income. All the more reason to depend on professionals to make sure you’re doing things right.

Our Services

Spa & Salon Consultancy

Spas & Salons have become a huge attraction across the world and are a highly profitable business venture. We provide an array of Spa consultation services[..]


Spa & Salon Management

With over a decade of experience in Wellness Industry, R3 Naturals provides turn-key solutions for Spa management across the nation and internationally[..]


Spa Training Academy

One of its kind, R3 Naturals owns and operates ISO 9001 -2010 certified Spa training academies in North East India, offering comprehensive curriculum[..]


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