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Growth of Spa industry in India

Thinking of spa, our mind relates us to Kerala a state which has introduced the exotic Ayurveda flavour in the spa industry. But talking about region wise North India is leading with its stable rate of economic growth in comparison to other regions.

Spa services refer to a collective term such as facial, body massage, manicure, pedicure and body treatment which is provided under expert guidance that re-energizes the brain and body. Thus the spa industry has a rising percentage of geriatric population and it is expanding faster than travel tourism industry.

We have seen exceptional growth in luxury hotel spas and resorts during the past decade, mainly due to customer demand.The spa treatments are just as important as the food.The demand for healing spa services will continue to grow, so spa must be ready for growth and change.

In India, Spa has emerged as one of the fastest growing industry after America and Europe ; the reason being the growth  in travel and tourism industry as well as a rise in income which has made them more aware about the quality of life.

Since the industry is still largely unorganized, hygiene and quality is a matter of big concern. Spa resorts should ensure their clients that they focus on providing expert health and life style. We know that health can lead to wealth and nothing can be more beneficial than the natural therapy of a spa.