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Creating Gender Neutral Spas in India  

In the world of self-care and pampering, the idea of a spa treatment still carries a certain feminine vibe to it, but why? Why is it that when we think of facemasks and oils, we usually picture a beautiful woman relaxing on massage tables? Even on the social media platform, we do not often see men enjoying these luxuries. However, the truth of the matter is that men are demanding more and more spa treatments tailored for them. According to the International Spa Association, the number of males at spas has grown from thirty-one percent to forty-seven percent over the past few years

Male consumers in India are becoming increasingly conscious of the need to look groomed in order to match international trends and maintain a good lifestyle. The changing grooming behavior of Indian men is largely due to the higher disposable income and exposure to international grooming and fashion trends due to India’s growing place in a global market with increasing international travel and an amalgamation of traditional and Western culture. Male consumers are increasingly becoming aware that a spa is just not a place to get pampered, it is an actual lifestyle choice with physical and mental wellness benefits. It is now becoming a part of the wellness routine and is no longer just about going for relaxation. Traditionally Men used to visit saloons only for haircuts or a quick shave but times have changed and an average Indian male today loves to visit Spas and Salons to relax and de-stress himself. Men are one of the fastest-growing customer segments for the Spa industry. The ever so stressful lifestyle and pressures all around have made Spa treatments a necessity for ambitious young professionals. Spas today are trying their best to create a gender-neutral atmosphere.

Common obstacles for men include concern over intimacy, anxiety over body parts, or discomfort entering what has traditionally been thought of as a women’s environment. Men are concerned about their appearance; maybe they’re ashamed of their bulging belly or feet. We try to communicate with the clients to address any concerns they might have regarding the Spa. Like If they would prefer a male or female therapist for the therapy. If privacy is a concern, we tell them that they would wear disposable undergarments and the entire body would be covered with a towel during the treatment; only the area to be massaged would be exposed at a given time. We also help them select a treatment to suit their need.

We work to make men feel more welcome. We customize the treatments to make men more comfortable like the spa therapists are trained to use more pressure on men while giving massage therapy. Using products suitable to a man’s skin while giving them facial or other grooming treatments. Also, we try to create a male-client compatible ambiance by paying extra attention to the basics like the color of the towels and robes the aroma of the product, and the essential oils used.

Cer Spa and Salon at Radisson Blu Hotel, Greater Noida, offers gender-neutral spa services that are a carefully crafted list of treatments designed to energize and bust stress and promote relaxation. To take a look at the spa therapists offered, please click on the link below

Click Here: Creating Gender Neutral Spas in India 

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