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Importance Of Hydration after a Massage Therapy

Importance Of Hydration after a Massage Therapy!!!

Have you ever wondered why your massage therapist offers you a glass of water after a massage or tells you to drink a lot of water that day after your therapy?

Your therapist not only offered you water because you might be parched, or to flush out toxins, but also as an extension of the massage. Drinking water after a massage further benefits all the work that happened during the massage by hydrating your muscles.

When your head, neck, and shoulders have been massaged it stimulates the lymphatic system, which in turn drives out toxins. This means water is essential to flush out the toxins, so if you don’t drink water after a massage, you can sometimes experience a slight headache due to dehydration.

It is very important to hydrate post-massage. Just like in an intensive workout session, your muscle tissues can become dehydrated during a massage therefore, drinking plenty of water post-massage is very helpful in rehydration, building healthy muscle tissue, and removing metabolic wastes that accumulate as your muscles are worked out.

Massages are dehydrating, and our bodies are 60% water! The squeezing that the massage therapist does during your appointment releases fluids from your muscle tissues and into your vascular system which means that you have to refurbish all of the water you lost during your massage and hence drinking water is advised after a massage. It is recommended to drink half your body weight in ounces per day for maximum benefits.

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