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R3 Spa- Experience Ayurvedic Spa Rituals

Ayurvedic spa treatments are the crème de la crème of the spa world. They have been tried and tested through the ages in India, not only for relaxation, but for health benefits such as improving circulation, toning the muscles, calming the nerves, lubricating the joints, and increasing mental alertness. They are also used for supreme detoxification, skin health, energy, stamina, and better sleep.

The ayurvedic retreat at R3 Spa works on the entire system—physical and mental well-being. If you are seeking to heal, balance, and transform choose the Ayurvedic Retreat package.
Experience our specially crafted ritual to give you the ultimate authentic Indian ayurvedic therapy experience. Done using age-old recipes to soothe out all the tensed-up muscles and nourish the skin for glowing soft and polished skin.

The inclusions –

Ayurvedic Marma Abhayangam
The traditional Indian massage is done by an expert therapist using herb-infused oils. The massage is followed by a herbal steam bath and a hot shower. Effective for improving eyesight, longevity, sound sleep, rheumatism, removal of toxins, and induces relaxation whilst normalizing blood pressure and eliminating impurities and thus resulting in glowing skin.

Mahatattva Shirodhara
Authentic Indian therapy, wherein a dharachatti oil is continuously poured like a thread (dhara) on the forehead (Shiro), while the body is gently massaged. It stimulates the 3rd eye and crown chakras & awakens intuition and inner wisdom. A total feeling of wellness, mental clarity, and comprehension is experienced in this process. Recommended for stress and strain.

Chakra Head Massage          
A relaxing massage technique for the head and scalp, which loosens the thin layer of muscles covering the skull. This treatment helps to increase the constant supply of blood and can promote deep relaxation.

Ayurvedic Oshadi Tan Lepanam
A signature body wrap with our customized blend of turmeric, fuller’s Earth, and Exotic Indian Spices blended in ayurvedic oils to purify and deep cleanse your skin for a lustrous glow. This anti-oxidant, detoxifying and anti-aging body wrap repairs your skin and leaves you radiant and relaxed.

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