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Luxury Hotel Spa in Manipal

Best Luxury Spa Centre in Manipal – R3 Spa at Country Inn and Suites-Manipal

At R3, we believe that wellness is a necessity. It’s not just something you can rack up points on a calendar or pay for with a membership. We believe in mindful wellness, which means taking care of your mind and body in order to stay healthy—not just for the week, but for life. We offer everything from massages to facials to body treatments so you can feel like yourself again! Whatever your service selection is, each R3 experience promises an intimate journey of self-discovery and extreme rejuvenation. Our aim is for guests to leave empowered and renewed, with the healing tools to continue their wellness journey, and the resilience to put them into action.
Menu Offerings: Massage Therapies, Reflexology, Body Scrubs, Body Wraps, Facials, Gift Cards, and Memberships