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Benefits of Massage For Babies

Massage is a lovely way for you to express your love and care for your baby. Massage can soothe your baby and help them sleep. Massage has many added benefits for your baby, including improving weight gain, aiding digestion, improving circulation, and easing teething pain.

Massaging your baby daily comes with endless benefits as it keeps them as fit as a fiddle.

When you give your baby a massage, you’re actually stimulating their central nervous system.

Here are some of the benefits of massaging your child-

♦ Massage Can Help Your Child Sleep Better:
Has your child been tossing and turning on the bed all overnight? Different factors including not massaging your baby have contributed to this problem. Stroking your child before hitting the sack causes relaxation and enables them to sleep better. Massage causes relaxation and provides more energy and heightens concentration.
♦ It Increases Dopamine & Lowers Cortisol:
Massage can help reduce stress caused by cortisol in children and increase their feel-good hormones(dopamine). This is generally beneficial in that it helps the child to develop physically and regulate the anxiety and stresses in children.
♦ Massage Can Decrease Muscle Tension:
It is believed that massage can strengthen the muscle and ease muscle tension in a child. In addition, it may increase the range of motion which plays an integral role in preventing some of the injuries. Massage may prevent osteoporosis, a condition in which the bones become extremely porous and are subject to fracture.
♦ Prevent Constipation:
Massaging may stimulate the digestive and circulatory systems which in turn helps in preventing constipation. Most children suffering from constipation is usually as a result of not massaging them.
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