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Is Massage helpful In Baby Growth?

Infant massage encourages nonverbal communication.
Through aspects like touch, smell and recognizing cues, infant massage supports important nonverbal communication between caregivers & babies.

Here are some reasons to massage your infant:-
♦ Baby massage helps babies sleep, digest and feel good.

We at R3 Spa teach gentle and effective stretches for mothers that are suitable right from birth, helping to heal, gently strengthen and align the body.

♦ Baby massage helps you learn to speak your baby’s language.

One of the lovely things about taking the time to spend quality one to one time with your baby, massaging them and interacting with them is that we learn to speak their language.

♦ Baby massage encourages ‘Spirals of Joy’.

There is a wonderful event that happens when babies and their carers become well attuned, a magical mutually profound moment of joy. Perhaps it starts with the baby-making a coo-ing noise.

♦ Baby massage creates a wonderful social bonding space.

There is really something special about being welcomed into a warm nurturing space when you have a little baby. Somewhere you know you show up joyful, full of new parent excitement, or feeling wretched, tired and emotional, or anywhere in between.

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