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Massage Therapy May Boost Immune System to Combat Cold, Flu

Massage therapy is an excellent choice as a complementary therapy to conventional health care. Be open and honest with your massage therapist, if you are under the care of a physician for a specific ailment, check with them about massage.

Massage therapy is a multi-modal clinically-oriented healthcare option that has been shown to improve the quality of life for patients with a variety of conditions.

Here are a few tips for reducing stress and boosting your immune system:

♦ Get a regular massage which will help lower your stress level and increase your immune system.

♦ Accept that there are events that you cannot control.

♦ Try to keep a positive attitude or at least work on it.

♦ Try to halt stress in its tracks, yes it’s hard when you can’t control it

♦ Manage your time. Give yourself time to get things done; don’t overwhelm yourself, you know your limits.

♦ Do things you enjoy, like cooking, reading or gardening.

♦ Take 15 to 20 minutes every day to sit quietly and reflect. Learn and practice relaxation techniques like yoga or deep breathing.

♦ Exercise regularly.

♦ Avoid alcohol, recreational drugs and don’t smoke.

♦ Eat healthy, well-balanced meals.

♦ Get enough rest and sleep, your body needs to recover and repair itself.

♦ Seek out social support.

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