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Wine Massage and Vinotherapy

When you hear the word “Wine Massage and Vinotherapy,” what do you think of? You may be picturing kicking your shoes off, sitting on the couch, and popping open a brand new bottle of wine. It sounds like the epitome of relaxation, right? Well, wine massage and vinotherapy are even more than that. Wine lovers throughout the world have been dipping their toes into this emerging trend that offers an optimal wine relaxation experience.

Wine Massage and Vinotherapy is a treatment that uses different by-products of wine in spa treatments. We at R3Spa will give you the full experience of the benefits of wine massage and vinotherapy.

Wine Massage and Vinotherapy offers particular health benefits, those who have experienced it at R3 Spa saw the following changes:

?  Muscle Relaxation.

?  Cell Growth Stimulation:
Accelerates wound healing and encourages the growth of new cells.

?  Youthful Appearance and Tissue Elasticity:
When the antioxidants in red grapes come in contact with the skin, they smooth it out and add elasticity that results in a younger and brighter look. People have been increasingly using vinotherapy as an anti-aging treatment.

?  Anti-inflammation:
In addition to making skin look brighter, vinotherapy fights inflammation for a beautiful and even appearance.

?  Skin Softness:
Patients of vinotherapy have noted that their skin instantly felt softer afterward. Even a week or two after, people observed that their skin is substantially softer to the touch.

?  Calmness and Relaxation.