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Do you want to grow your spa business by eliminating all the risks of failure but are not having the relevant know-how to accomplish your business goals?

R3 Naturals has been highly successful in providing turn-key solutions for spa management. We take a focused approach in order to best integrate the spa into the culture of the hotel, resort, or property. Our clients are able to maintain control while having R3 Naturals maximize the opportunity for operational and financial success, through its tremendous array of resources and infrastructure. We provide you quality assistance in a spa setup, staff hiring, staff training, systems management, building effective marketing strategies, spa design, cost control. And also ensure in delivering rejuvenating spa experiences that nourish, heal, and nurture.

The best and most memorable experiences are grounded in a theme or a customized journey that is unique and particular to a locale and the set of guests served by a hotel or resort. Given the number of choices that consumers have today, having a brand to complement your property will assist in making your spa more attractive and compelling. Today, our wellness brands Nilaya Spa & Salon and R3 Spa enjoy the privilege of being one of the most recognized and respected spa brands in the hospitality space for both hotel and resort projects as well as hospitality development companies.

How We Help You in Building Your Brand?

Our approach is to manage the spa as a business unit and not just as a viable amenity to a project. We put a lot of emphasis on effective spa and salon promotions and maximizing the opportunity for generating optimum revenues, to ensure maximum return on the investment for our client. In addition, we are constantly striving to produce a memorable experience for our guests, members, or residents, with our ongoing training or need-based support. Our dedicated team of wellness professional with rich experience in the hospitality industry, ensure that the team deputed facility works tirelessly to set exceptional standards and to meet the guest expectations.

Our Spa Management systems create a truly memorable experience for our guests, members, and residents while maximizing revenue and net operating income for spa/hotels.

Our Spa Management services include:

  • Staff Hiring, Supervision & continuous Training.
  • Systems Development & Management
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Marketing & Sales Strategies
  • Creative spa promotions
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Financial Management & Cost Control
  • Delivery of memorable spa experiences for guests, members, or residents

We follow the following business models to take up to associate as a wellness partner for Spa Management.

  • Revenue Sharing- A mutually agreed sharing ratio
  • Rentals- A fixed Minimum Guarantee

Our experience, particularly in spa and salon management, need-based and creative promotions, create exceptional customer service while implementing the most cost-efficient operational model for the spas under our management.

A business association with R3 Naturals for Spa Management ensures enhanced and appropriate promotions, brand value & wide industry recognition. We keep our approach centric to the owner’s vision while ensuring a profitable business venture and best of experience to the discerning clientele.